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How to configure Virtual Sight Next Gen for Users Synchronisation?

In Virtual Sight Next Gen, it is possible to synchronise the scene between multiple users.
To set up the software to do synchronisation, there are a few steps to prepare.

First, when opening Virtual Sight Next Gen, You have to go to the Configure Editor, then to the Peers tab:

In this tab, you can create a new remote trusted peer by clicking this button
image on the bottom of the window. You can then select the remote peer in the list and set the peer IP to the ip of the remote computer:

You can then load a product in Virtual Sight Next Gen, on one of the computer, and then click on the connect to peers button in the top toolbar, in order to synchronise with other computers.

The other users should do the same peers configuration and click on Connect to peers. When you are connected to a remote peer, you should see their status and color in the peers configuration menu :

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