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Label creation with Patchwork 3D

A label is a material pattern that can be applied to a surface and oriented similarly to a physical sticker.

The surfaces of Matter may receive an unlimited number of labels. These labels are used to position product graphical elements such as a logo, documentation, a mark, iconography and so on, interactively on model surfaces.

Let's see how to create a label. In Matter, you start by creating a label material.

In the material editor, you can manage the parameters of the material by going to the corresponding tab: Diffuse, Reflection, Bump...

For example, for this logo, we use a simple texture that we apply in the alpha map parameter and we manage the color of it with the filter parameter of the diffuse.
You can then assign the label material to a surface by doing a simple drag and drop.
If you need to, you can adjust the position of the label with the tools in the top toolbar.

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